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Francis Fong

BPh. MPS, Grad Dip Clinical Nutrition.,

Francis is the owner of Bentleigh Amcal Pharmacy. He's had this pharmacy for nearly 15 years. During this time, we have had many, many satisfied customers come in for advise from Francis or ven just to have a chat or two. He has established a close rapport with the community in Bentleigh. He is not only knowledge in the pharmacy area but also gives very good and sound advice in life in general. You can have a good laugh with Francis when his sense of humour kicks in. He loves to do a lot of bush walking whenever he could.

Lysbeth Fong


Lysbeth ( Francis's other half) is our pharmacist who works on Thursdays. She is very friendly and very, very patient with the customers. Lysbeth takes the time to help you with any queries with your medication. Lemon yoghurt cake is definitely her forte. When she does have some spare time ( which is not often), she loves reading, walking the two dogs, Tiffany and Baily and cooking.

Valerie Taylor


Val is the face of Bentleigh. She is the Pharmacist of Bentleigh. She is the Manager-in-Charge at Bentleigh Amcal. Everyone loves her and everyone wants to speak to her. You can find her running around Bentleigh in the evenings or the weekends. She is fit, very fit and she has got the passion to help her customers.


Melanie joined our team3 years ago . Melanie currently looks after our cosmetic counters Revlon and jurliqur. She is also qualified in waxing.


BPh., MPS, Grad Dip Ad. Education, BTh

Rick is one of our few part-time pharmacists. If you've come in on one of the nights he works, you won't be surprised by his extensive knowledge notonly in medicinal products but complementary medicines as well. One of his interests is researching on new formulations of new products for therapecutic use.



Grace is a part-time pharmacist who does the weekend shifts. She has got extensive experience in retail, hospital .. The excellent work she puts into this pharmacy is greatly appreciated by us and by all the people in Bentleigh.



Russell is one of the longest serving pharmacist at Bentleigh Amcal Pharmacy. He has an extensive knowledge in the area of pharmaceutical chemistry. . He is such an easy going Aussie, come in and say "G' Day" in the evening.

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